Hopes of the St. Philip’s Episcopal Church Congregation and Rector Description

It is the hope of the congregation to reach a higher level of vitality than we are currently experiencing while searching for a pathway that will lead us to a stronger more vibrant church.


New Rector Description

The parishioners of St. Philip’s are seeking change.  Change from our current circumstances to becoming a stronger and more vital parish.  We want to develop a strategy to attract more people, particularly young families.  Although we are fairly conservative, we would like to experience a more vibrant worship service with music that moves us. [The following has been gleaned from the Congressional Assessment Tool (CAT) by Holy Cow! Consulting during the fall of 2017.]

•                The parishioners want a change in direction.   We took this to mean a change from our current circumstances to making some progress toward an increased vitality.

•                All age groups want to see changes that will attract more families with children and young people in the church.  As a result, we are seeking a comprehensive strategy to reach new people in general.

•                Looking at the Performance Indices, there appears to be a desire for improvement in our worship service in general, as well as better music.

•                There is also a wish to revitalize the community by making coalitions with other groups.  We see this as a way to make the church more relevant and attract new members.

First, we are a “pastoral church” 50 – 150 in attendance – and we are a “regional church” in that 40% of our parishioners live several miles from the church.

In a pastoral church such as ours, we need a leader who can manage and direct a cadre of lay leaders who will help the rector effect the positive changes we are looking for.

For our new priest and rector, parishioners are looking for an inspirational leader whose preaching can lift us and whose leadership skills can help us find a path to becoming the stronger more vital church we long to be.

[The following has been gleaned from the Congressional Assessment Tool (CAT) by Holy Cow! Consulting during the fall of 2017.]


•                First ability was preaching connecting us to the Word and feed our spirituality.

•                Second was strategic leadership to capture a vision for the future.

•                Third was pastoral care.

•                Fourth was “Change Management” – to lead us through a necessary period of change.

The CAT also revealed the following:


  • We are an older congregation with memories of the “halcyon days” of past glories.
  • We do, at times, appear prone to conflict.
  • Only a few live in walking distance of the church.
  • Slowly diminishing numbers.


  • A dedicated core of active parishioners
  • No mortgage
  • A good endowment fund
  • An inspiring history
  • Ongoing conflict resolution sessions