St. Philip’s is located in the Kensington neighborhood across the street from a large modern County Hospital, the Erie County Medical Center. 

The Parish Hall is located at 15 Fernhill Avenue with a hallway which leads to the Sanctuary located at 18 Sussex Avenue.  The Rectory at 19 Fernhill Ave is located next door to the Parish Hall.  It is a two story four bedrooms with two and a half baths.  The garage is located on the opposite side of the Parish Hall. In addition to the buildings, there is a corner lot at Fernhill and Grider, and an adjacent lot on Sussex next to the Church.

Within this community, covering a 3 mile radius, are also three High Schools, two Elementary Schools, a Community Charter School, a Long Term Care Facility, a facility for the mentally delayed, Farmers’ Market (in season) and Swimming and Wading Pools.  There are a number of Churches – four major denominations and several very small ones. In addition, there are the South Campus of the University of Buffalo and the VA Hospital.

Within a block, there is access to a crosstown (East-West) Expressway which contributes to the convenience in the Neighborhood.

The community itself is in the northern quadrant of the city, though our Church is located within the eastern part of that quadrant, and is predominantly Black.  It is a working class population with a considerable number of retired people.  The community within a mile of the church has a population that has somewhat declined over the last 3 years.

The level of educational attainment of a community’s adult population is an important indicator of opportunities and challenges. The educational attainment level of adults in this community has been rising over the past few years.

Within the 3 mile radius, the estimated current average household income is $53,814.

Charitable giving practices data provide three perspectives about giving in the area studied:  First, how extensive giving is within the area; second, what is the direction of giving; and third, how the area gives in comparison to the rest of the state. Overall, it is estimated that households in this area are somewhat below the state average in their contributions to charities.