Our church is fortunate to have a number of ministries and programs that enrich the body of Christ and the community. 


Music Ministry:  The Choir under the direction of Theresa Wright provides music each Sunday for the 9:30 service.  For further information please contact Mr. the church office.

Vestry:  There are two wardens and nine members on the vestry who meet monthly.  The Parish elects members of the Vestry at the annual parish meeting.

St. Philip's Men's Club:  The Men's Club has been in continual existence since 1973 when it was formed for the specific function of providing a structure whereby men could function more fully in the life of the church.  It is a diverse group of active members who contributes financially, spiritually and physically to the life of the parish.

Endowment Committee (Ad Hoc):  In the late 1990’s St. Philip's received its first endowment.  The monies were bequeathed to us in the will of a friend of the Parish who simply wished our Parish well. The job of the Endowment Committee is to monitor the investment of these monies, in order to make them grow and to use them in the most productive manner.  Our plan is to use interest from the fund for our outreach programs.  We are determined not to use this gift for the day to day running of the church.

Memorial Committee:  The Memorial Fund of St. Philip's is a special account in memory of deceased members and friends. This account was established with the specific purpose of holding all funds given by members and friends of the Parish to purchase articles for use within the framework of the life and worship of the Parish. There are guidelines to be followed to facilitate and monitor the collection, disbursement, and accounting for said funds.

Petals and Prayers Flower Ministry: The ministry uplifts those in need of a little love.  The diocese has a local outreach program in cooperation with Trader Joe’s. Volunteers deliver flowers to area skilled nursing facilities Monday through Saturday.  Our parish has initiated the program with Terrace View Long term Care Facility located across the street from the church.

Alternatives to Solitary Confinement Campaign (NYCAIC): The group is committed to giving voice to those locked up in isolated confinement in New York’s prisons and jails.  This practice is considered ineffective, unsafe and inhumane.  A replica of a cell has been built that represents the space for solitary confine.  This replica has been on display at different churches.  The group advocates for laws to end this practice by informing legislators and the public of alternatives.