Hopes of the St. Philip’s Episcopal Church Congregation

It is the hope of the congregation to reach a higher level of vitality than we are currently experiencing while searching for a pathway that will lead us to a stronger more vibrant church.

The parishioners of St. Philip’s are seeking change.  Change from our current circumstances to becoming a stronger and more vital parish.  We want to develop a strategy to attract more people, particularly young families.  Although we are fairly conservative, we would like to experience a more vibrant worship service with music that moves us. [The following has been gleaned from the Congressional Assessment Tool (CAT) by Holy Cow! Consulting during the fall of 2017.]

  • The parishioners want a change in direction. We took this to mean a change from our current circumstances to making some progress toward an increased vitality.
  • All age groups want to see changes that will attract more families with children and young people in the church. As a result, we are seeking a comprehensive strategy to reach new people in general.
  • Looking at the Performance Indices, there appears to be a desire for improvement in our worship service in general, as well as better music.
  • There is also a wish to revitalize the community by making coalitions with other groups.  We see this as a way to make the church more relevant and attract new members.

The CAT also revealed the following:


  • We are an older congregation with memories of the “halcyon days” of past glories.
  • We do, at times, appear prone to conflict.
  • Only a few live in walking distance of the church.
  • Slowly diminishing numbers.



  • A dedicated core of active parishioners
  • No mortgage
  • A good endowment fund
  • An inspiring history
  • Ongoing conflict resolution sessions