Vestry Members

Josephine Robbins, Warden, 2018

Rose Sconiers, Warden, 2019


Roan Moncrieffe, Treasurer

Peggy Johnson, Clerk

Bruce Austin (2018)

Ann Burroughs  (2019)

Gladys-Gene Herndon-Hill (2020)

Michael Hughes (2020)

Addie Lockett-Hargrove  (2018)

Dana Moncrieffe  (2020)

Jean Reese  (2019)

Darniece Scott  (2018)

Herman Wilson  (2019)




Steering – Rector and Wardens act as steering committee to set agenda for vestry meetings and respond to maintenance and administrative needs of the parish.


Finance – responsible for managing all finances of the parish, including maintaining record of pledge payments and directing the expenditure of funds by the Treasurer.


Building and Grounds – oversees the maintenance of the parish property by making recommendations to the vestry regarding upkeep and repairs.


Personnel – upon delegation by the Rector, responsible for personnel decision regarding individuals in the employ of the parish.


Stewardship – assists in the spiritual growth of the parish, oversees the pledge program and promotes good fellowship and cohesiveness within the parish.


Planning – assists the Rector in developing long term and short term goals of the parish and development of a yearly calendar of church activities.


Christian Education – makes arrangements for the spiritual teachings to all groups within the parish.


Worship – plans for the deepening of the spiritual life of the parish with special attention to the ministry of the Word, Altar and Music.


Outreach – development of programs that uplift the well-being of area residents and assist in evangelizing the unchurched.


Monthly Parish Meeting - 5th Sunday